Kings Week 7: Day 2


Read 1 Kings 14:21–31

The action now shifts to the south of Israel.  In 1 Kings 11 God promises to keep one tribe and area (Judah) under the rule of the house of David.  We now begin to read accounts of the kingdom of Judah.  


There is a refrain of v.21 in v.31.  Why do you think the author has repeated this information? How do you think you, as the reader, are being positioned?  

What are the golden shields of the temple replaced with? 

Who are the new shields given to and for what purpose? 

What do you think the author is trying to get across with this small part of Israelite’s history?  


Israel was supposed to be a light to the nations with a temple whose courts represented the splendor of the Israelite god.  

Read 1 Kings 10

How does this compare with the kingdom that you now read about? 

Read Luke 2:27–32

It would be another 900 years before Israel’s temple would once again accommodate God’s light to the nations.  This time it wouldn’t be golden shields and earthly splendor, but a small boy who was the light incarnate.  


  • Thank God that he is sovereign and his will to save his people is always carried out
  • Ask God for help in being a light for him in your work places and amongst family and friends
  • Pray for those who are yet to ‘see the light’
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