Kings Week 7: Day 1


Read 1 Kings 14:1–20

The power struggles continue in northern kingdom of Israel.  Jeroboam, fearing for his sick son and own succession, sends his wife on an errand to the prophet Ahijah.   


Why do you think Jeroboam asked his wife to disguise herself?    

Verses 4–6 are thick with irony as a blind man sees through Jeroboam’s wife’s disguise.  What do these verses remind us about what God sees vs what man sees?  

How do you think Jeroboam felt at the beginning of the chapter? What did he do?  What should he have done?  

In history ‘rhyming’ in verses 8–10?

Read 1 Kings 11:9-13

Why was Jeroboam king in the first place?    


Jeroboam thought he could rule with impunity and control his own destiny.  Unfortunately for him, his family and the nation of Israel, the consequences of his sin are desperately sad.  

From Genesis 3 to Acts 3, the bible is full of stories of humans taking actions into their own.  

Read Psalm 2:1–6

What do theses verses say about human schemes and God’s reaction?  

Read Psalm 2:7-12

Although verses 10–12 are addressed to ‘kings’, kings represent the people and how they are to live and relate to God.  

How does ‘serving the Lord with fear’ shape your life? How should it?  


  • Thank God that he is in control, despite the evil schemes of man 
  • Ask God for help in living a life that ‘fears’ him 
  • Thank God for the life of Jesus, who perfectly feared the Lord and is the place where we find refuge
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