Kings Week 5: Day 3

Pray and read

Pray that God would open our eyes to his splendour, majesty, holiness and faithfulness, and that we would live every day for his glory, not our own. Read 1 Kings 10:14-29.


How would you describe Solomon and his kingdom in this passage?

Read 1 Kings 11:1-8. Where was Solomon’s heart?

Re-read Deuteronomy 17:14-20. In what ways has Solomon disobeyed God’s Law?

Read Luke 12:22-34. Is Jesus instructing his disciples not to sow, reap, labour or spin? Or something else?

Why can they be confident in God’s provision for them? How does the example of Solomon help him make his point?

God blessed Solomon with great riches, yet he does not promise the same to his disciples. What does he instruct them to do instead?


What was Solomon’s treasure, and where was his heart?

What is your treasure? Where is your heart? What would it look like in your everyday life if your treasure and heart was with Jesus?


Thank God for his provision to you, and ask for him to help you not worry, to trust him, and to treasure his kingdom above all else.


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