Kings Week 5: Day 1

Pray and read

Pray that God would open our eyes to his splendour, majesty, holiness and faithfulness, and that we would live every day for his glory, not our own. Read 1 Kings 10:1-13.


Why did the Queen of Sheba come from the far-south to Israel, and what was she impressed by?

What did she praise God for? What led her to praise God?

How would you describe Solomon’s reign at this point in time?

Read Luke 11:29-32.

What did the Ninevites do when they heard Jonah’s message? What did the Queen of the South do to hear Solomon’s message?

What is Jesus saying about himself and his message, in comparison to Solomon and Jonah?

Why would Jonah and the Queen of the South condemn the generation Jesus is speaking to?


Have you submitted yourself to the king who has the greatest splendour and wisdom? When are you tempted to take that crown for yourself?

Despite who Jesus is, rather than expecting us to go to the ends of the earth to him, he came from heaven to earth to bring us the news of his greater kingdom.

How can we proclaim Jesus’ message without expecting people to come to us?


Praise God for his splendour and wisdom revealed in Jesus, and thank him for his grace in coming to us with his message. 

Ask God to help us remember that Jesus is our king, not ourselves, and that we would be like Jesus in going to others with his message, rather than waiting for people to come to us.


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