Kings Week 4: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask God to give you a soft heart, that as you read his word you will understand it, and respond to it with repentance and faith. Read 1 Kings 9:1-27.


The Lord appears to Solomon, having heard his prayers. What promise does God make?

What conditions are there to his promise? What warning is there for Solomon and his descendants?

What will Israel’s disobedience lead people to say?

The first readers of the books of Kings were in exile, having seen the collapse of Israel and the destruction of the temple. What significance would these chapters have had for them? What prompt might it give them?

What do you make of the events recounted verses 10-28?


God has made promises to us in Christ. What warnings ought we to heed? What hope is there for us in Christ when we struggle with our sin? You might like to read Hebrews 4:11-16.


 Thank God that Jesus is able to help us when we experience temptation, and ask him to help you make the most of his help in your time of need.


What a friend we have in Jesus

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