Kings Week 4: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God to give you a soft heart, that as you read his word you will understand it, and respond to it with repentance and faith. Read 1 Kings 8:54-66. 


Solomon prays once more, this time a blessing for the people of Israel. What does he ask God to do for them? What is the end goal of Solomon’s prayer (v60)?

How does Solomon urge the people to live (v61)?

How does the dedication of the temple conclude? What do you think that festival would have been like? What words might you use to describe it?


In what ways might our obedience to the Lord lead people to the conclusion that “the LORD is God and there is no other”?

Is your heart inclined toward the Lord? What signs might there be if your heart were hardening toward him?


Ask God to give you a soft heart, and patterns of repentance and faith in your life.

Ask God to use your obedience to him as a prompt for others to praise God as the one true and living God.


Come Thou Fount

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