Kings Week 4: Day 2

Pray and read

Ask God to give you a soft heart, that as you read his word you will understand it, and respond to it with repentance and faith. Read 1 King 8:22-53.


In his prayer of dedication of the temple, Solomon praises God again for who he is. What aspects of God’s nature and character does he praise?

What does Solomon ask God in his prayer? Does anything about his series of requests surprise you? What do all of his requests have in common?

Which particular aspect of God’s nature is Solomon appealing to?

What behaviours on behalf of the people does Solomon’s request assume?


How has God shown his mercy toward us, in Christ? Can you think of a place in the New Testament which reminds us of God’s mercy?

How ought we to respond to God when we sin? Can we be confident of his response (see 1 John 1:8-9)?


 Confess your sin to God.

Thank God for his mercy, in Christ.

Listen/ Sing

Forever Faithful

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