Kings Week 3: Day 4

Pray and read

Thank God for his Word that you’ll read today, ask for help to cherish it, understand it, and apply it. Read Revelation 21:1-22:5.


This passage is about the new creation for God’s people, after Judgement has happened.

Why is there no temple? What replaces the temple?

In what ways is the city like the temple built by Solomon?

What’s the relationship between the first Eden and God’s presence? What does this mean for the new creation?


What are you looking forward to about the New Creation?

How does this affect how you live today?


Dear God, thank you for an amazing vision of the new creation! Thank you that I will be in your presence, without death, sadness or pain. Please help me to trust you and persevere through these difficulties now, and to trust you that it will be finished.

Help me to know that being with you, in your presence, is far more worthwhile than anything that the world could offer us, and thank you that nothing can separate me from you while I wait.


Waiting for the Day (Liz Gordon), music, lyrics.

Providence City