Kings Week 3: Day 1


Thank God for his Word that you’ll read today, ask for help to cherish it, understand it, and apply it.


In 1 Kings 5-7, the temple is being built. Today we’re going to look at the forerunner to the temple: the tabernacle. This will help lay the foundations for our understanding of what the temple is all about – so be prepared for a bit of flicking around!

Note: The tabernacle was like a giant tent with different sections for sacrifices to be prepared and offered. It was portable, so the Israelites could use it before they’d settled in the land God would give them.

Read Exodus 25:1-9. What’s the purpose for the tabernacle/tent of meeting?

Read Exodus 33:1-6. God was still promising an angel to give the Israelites victories, so why were they so upset that God was withdrawing his presence from them?

Read Exodus 34:8-14; 40:34-38. Why did God reverse his decision? Why was this significant for Israel? 


God’s presence with his people is the greatest gift imaginable!

Read John 1:14 (lit. “tabernacled” among them), John 2:19-22.

How does Jesus describe his body, and what does it mean?

What does this show about God’s character that he dwelled among people?

What does it mean to you personally that God became man and dwelled among people?


Heavenly Father, thank you for not abandoning your people due to our sin. Thank you for sending your Son to dwell among people, to save us so we can be in your presence. Help me to value and trust him above all.


In Christ Alone (Getty&Townend): music, lyrics.

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