Kings Week 1: Day 3


Read 1 Kings 1:28-53

Nathan and Bathsheba’s plot to install Solomon (Bathsheba and David’s son) on the throne comes to fruition in this passage.  David’s decree that Solomon be king is his last kingly act.  


In what way does does Jonathan son of Abiathar describe Solomon’s coronation to Adonijah?  

How does Adonijah take this news?  How does Adonijah react and why do you think he goes to the temple?  Why do you think he felt safe there?  

Who does David see as responsible for his successor? (vv.47-48)


God’s hand is on the house of David and despite its chaotic appearance, God is sovereign and good will come out of it.  We know from Matthew 1 that David’s ultimate successor is Jesus, whose reign transcends space, time and history.  


  • Thank God that he is in control of the past, present and future  
  • Thank God that he has a plan for your life and because of Jesus’ resurrection, we can be sure of an eternally good outcome
  • Ask God for help to trust him and submit to him when things seem difficult and we are tempted to try and solve problems our own way
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