Kings Week 1: Day 2


Read 1 Kings 1:1-27

Yesterday we looked at 2 Samuel 7 where David was at the peak of his powers.  We now fast forward to 1 Kings 1 to find a very different picture of David.  

David is impotent and weak and this has created a power vacuum that other members of his family are looking to fill.  


How would you describe the state of David’s ‘house’ from this passage?  

Who orchestrates the plot to get Solomon on the throne?  Why are these people significant?  

Who are the other parties involved?  What does this say about God’s sovereignty?  

What does Nathan want from David?  


No matter how great, all human kings go the way of David. 

In Mark 11, we find Jesus coming to Jerusalem as King. The people were very excited but by the time we get to Mark 15, it appears that Jesus is going the way of all the other human kings.   

Read Mark 15:33 – 16:8

What is the difference between the way David and Jesus’ life ended?  What did it mean for their respective kingdoms?  


  • Thank God that Jesus’s death and resurrection ushered in the Kingdom of God and that he reigns eternally victorious 
  • Thank God that there are no chaotic power struggles in his kingdom; we can be confident of his rule
  • Ask God for help in leading others to see Jesus as the one, eternal king 
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