Kings Week 1: Day 4


Read 1 Kings 2

David gives some final words to his successor, Solomon, who has been anointed as king.    


What is the outcome that David hopes for?  (v4)

What is the condition of this outcome?  (v3-4) 

How does Solomon consolidate his kingdom? 5 – 46)

 How do you think God would have viewed some of the ways Solomon consolidates power?  

Read 2 Samuel 7:12–17

Does the promise of offspring seem conditional from this passage?  


The answer has to be yes and no.  We know that there are consequences for sin, we see that in David’s life (2 Samuel 12) and we will see that in the many failures of Israel’s kings (1 and 2 Kings).  However, we also know that God is gracious and that he had and has a salvific plan despite the worst efforts of man.  God often uses broken people and broken situations to bring about good. We see this first and foremost in the history of Israel and then in the death of Jesus at the hands of Jew and gentile. 


  • Praise God for his promise of salvation through faith in Christ  
  • Thank God that he is still working for our salvation despite our own brokenness and the brokenness of our world 
  • Ask God for help in obeying him and living up to the standards he calls us to in his word 
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