Jonah: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God to give you a soft heart, that as you read his word you will understand it, and respond to it with repentance and faith. Read Jonah 3.


The word of the Lord comes to Jonah a second time. How does he respond this time?

What was Jonah’s message to the Ninevites? How do they respond? Do you think it was the response Jonah would have expected?

What does God do when he sees the Ninevites repent?


We have been entrusted with God’s message of salvation in the gospel of his Son. How would you explain it to someone?

How do you expect people to respond to the news of salvation?


Pray for opportunities to speak of the hope that you have in Christ this week. Ask God to make you bold, and to prompt repentance in those who hear that good news.

Providence City