Matthew Week 8: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask God to help you hear, understand and trust what he’s done through Jesus. Read Matthew 27:62-28:15.


What’s ironic about the chief priests and Pharisees calling Jesus ‘deceiver’ (27:63-64), especially in light of 28:11-15?

Who do the soldier guards report the truth to, and who are they to spread the false report to?

What makes the women’s account and Matthew’s account of Jesus’ resurrection trustworthy, compared to the chief priests and the soldiers?


What alternate accounts have you heard to Jesus being raised from the dead? Do you find any of them compelling?

What gives you confidence in the truth of this passage?

How might you respond to someone who thinks it doesn’t matter whether Jesus’ resurrection truly happened or not?

If you’d like to think further about what Jesus’ resurrection means for you, you could read these passages: Romans 6:5-14, 1 Corinthians 15:12-22.

Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for raising Jesus from the dead, and giving us a trustworthy account of what happened. Please help me to stand firm in this knowledge, and to grow in my steadfastness against what others might claim. Amen.

You might like to sing or listen to:

A song of salvation: Man of Sorrows (Hillsong)

Providence City