Matthew Week 8: Day 1

Pray and read

Ask God to help you hear, understand and trust what he’s done through Jesus. Read Matthew 26:57-75.

Note: The Sanhedrin were the Jewish governing body led by the High Priest. They dealt with legal and spiritual matters.


In this section, we see 3 different testimonies about Jesus.

What is the Sanhedrin’s testimony of Jesus? What motivates their words – justice, truth, God’s honour, something else? How do their actions against Jesus relate to their words?

What is Jesus’ testimony about himself? Are his words trustworthy – why/why not?

What motivates Peter to give a false testimony?


Peter and the Sanhedrin’s words about Jesus revealed their sin, while Jesus’ words about himself reveal his truth and trustworthiness.

Do you trust what Jesus says about himself? How important is it to you that Jesus’ words are trustworthy?

What do your words about Jesus reveal about you?


Thank God that Jesus’ words are trustworthy, and that we have a written record of his testimony about himself.

Ask God to help you trust him, and to be an honest witness of Jesus to the people around you. 

You might like to sing or listen to:

A song about trust: O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Sovereign Grace)

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