Week 7: Day 2

Pray and read

Ask God to give you a soft heart, that as you read his word you will understand it, and respond to it with repentance and faith. Read Matthew 26:36-46.


The garden of Gethsemane is on the Mount of Olives.

What does Jesus ask Peter and the sons of Zebedee to do? Why do you think he asks? What do they do?

What is Jesus’ prayer? What does it reveal about Jesus’ experience of his impending death? What does it reveal about his relationship with his Father?

The pattern repeats itself (Jesus asks his disciples to keep watch, he prays, he finds them sleeping). Is there anything different the second time around?


Even knowing what lay ahead of him, Jesus pressed on toward the cross. Why? What hope does his faithfulness give us? 


Thank God that Jesus submitted himself to the Father’s will for our salvation.

Providence City