Matthew Week 6: Day 2

Pray and read

Father, please help me to understand today’s passage – that I would know Jesus better, so that what he’s done for me would impact my thoughts, feelings and actions today. Read Matthew 26:6-13


Note: An alabaster jar is a marble-looking, stone container, which kept ointments and perfumes well-preserved. 

What did the woman do? Why are the disciples unimpressed with this?

Why does Jesus commend the woman and her actions? Why does he rebuke the disciples?

Verse 11 has allusions to Deuteronomy 15:11. Is always having the poor among the Israelites an excuse for ignoring them? What are they to do?

Given Deuteronomy 15:11, what is Jesus’ point about the poor? How is the woman’s use of the perfume better than being given to the poor?

The narrative in verses 6-13 are sandwiched between two other stories showing people’s responses to Jesus (verses 3-5 and 14-16). What are their different responses, and how will they be remembered/honoured in the future?


Why will the woman be remembered when the gospel is preached throughout the world? Have you ever shared this particular story with someone? When might it be worth sharing?

It doesn’t seem like the woman acted because she wanted honour from Jesus. What was she motivated by?

What should we be motivated by?


Thank God for the woman and what she did for Jesus. Ask for his help to always seek to bring honour to Jesus, and for wisdom to know the best way to honour him today.

Providence City