Matthew Week 6: Day 1

Pray and read

Father, please help me to understand today’s passage – that I would know Jesus better, so that what he’s done for me would impact my thoughts, feelings and actions today. Read Matthew 26:1-30


What are the different scenes in this passage? Who’s present, where are they, and what’s happening?

Verses 1-2 speak of the Son of Man. What has Jesus been teaching about the Son of Man in chapters 24-25? Would his previous teaching lead the listeners to expect the Son of Man to be crucified?

Focus on verses 3-5Why do the chef priests, elders, and the high priest want to kill Jesus? What has Jesus done wrong in their eyes?

Focus on verses 14-16, 20-25What does Judas Iscariot’s motivation seem to be for handing Jesus over to the leaders? Why might Matthew have emphasised that Judas was “one of the Twelve”?


Which is worse in your mind: the high priest, chief priests and elders of the people scheming to arrest and kill Jesus in secret, or Judas Iscariot’s betrayal? Why?

How does Jesus relate to his enemies? Fear, anger, love, hurt, weakness, ignorance? What does Jesus’ response to his enemies show us about what his character?

As followers of Jesus, we can expect to be opposed, as he was. How ought we treat those who seek to harm us because we call on Jesus as Lord?


Thank Jesus for not fearing his enemies, because of what he achieved for us. Ask God to help you not to fear enemies of Jesus who may oppose us as followers of him.

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