Matthew Week 2: Day 3

Pray and read

Pray that God would use his word to shape you mind, affect your heart and change your actions. Read Matthew 24:29-35.


What signs does Jesus point to in this passage? Read Daniel 7:13-14. Where is the Son of Man coming to in this vision that Jesus refers to?

What lesson can be learned from the fig tree?

What time frame does Jesus give for the signs the disciples asked about in verse 3?


Daniel’s vision foretells the Son of Man coming into the presence of God, where he is given everlasting authority, glory and power, and people of every nation and language worship him. In Acts 7:55-56, Stephen sees that Jesus has now fulfilled this prophesy.

How does the knowledge that Jesus is already at the right hand of the Father give us confidence in God’s word? What does it look like to live out this confidence in the week ahead?


Thank God that Jesus has been given everlasting authority, glory and power. Give thanks that through Jesus, we can be confident in our own standing before God.

Pray this confidence would be reflected in the way you live out your faith each day.

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