Matthew Week 2: Day 2

Pray and read

Pray that God would use his word to shape you mind, affect your heart and change your actions. Read Matthew 24:15-28.


How are people to respond to the desolation?

How is the coming of the Son of Man to be recognised? What should the response be to people who perform signs and wonders in the meantime?


The coming of the Son of Man will be as universal and public as a lightning storm (v.27). Jesus warns his disciples that people will come to them with impressive signs and wonders, however they are to remember his teaching and not be deceived (v.24-26).

In the same way, we are not to be led astray by the things of this world and instead ‘hold firmly to our confidence and hope in which we glory’ (Hebrews 3:6b).


Give thanks for God’s word, which is always true and trustworthy.

Ask God for help as you seek to hold firmly to Christ in all areas of life.

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