Matthew Week 5: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God for wisdom and understanding, and that by his Spirit you would grow in love for him and his people.

Read Matthew 10:5-23.


In Matthew 25:31-46, the King divides people based on their relationship with him – exposed by the way they treat his brothers and sisters.

Today’s passage is from earlier in Matthew, and is a live example of people being divided over their treatment Jesus’ brothers and sisters, as Jesus sends his disciples out to share the message: “The kingdom of heaven has come near.”

What are the two types of responses Jesus told the disciples they’ll receive from the people? What sorts of actions are the disciples to expect from people? Are there any similarities to the sheep and goats passage, in the way Jesus’ brothers and sisters are treated?

In v14, does it seem possible for someone to hate the disciple but receive their message? What is the outcome for the person who rejects the disciple or their message?

Skipping to the end of that chapter, read Matthew 10:40-42. What’s the relationship between Jesus and the person who welcomes his disciples? What’s their relationship to God?


Thinking about Jesus’ division between sheep and goats, which side are you on? Are you someone who has welcomed Jesus’ brothers and sisters, and therefore Jesus? Or have you rejected Jesus’ brothers and sisters, and therefore Jesus himself?

How does knowing your position before Jesus on Judgement Day change how you live today? How will you treat Jesus’ brothers and sisters?


Thank God for sending Jesus to make a way for you to have eternal life with him, and for making this way known to you, particularly by the person/people who shared the message with you.

Ask God to help you love his people, especially those who continue to share God’s word with you.

If you’ve recognised that you’ve rejected Jesus, ask God for forgiveness, and for his Spirit to change your heart towards Jesus’ people.

Providence City