Matthew Week 5: Day 2

Pray and read

Ask God for wisdom and understanding, and that by his Spirit you would grow in love for him and his people.

Read: Matthew 25:31-46.


The people on the right are unaware of serving the King in the particular way he describes. In v40 he tells them they served his brothers and sisters. Who are his brothers and sisters – are they all people, or a particular group of people? (see Matthew 12:49-50 if you want to hear Jesus using this language elsewhere).

What have the people on the left done? What do you think they would have done if the King had come to them personally in his glory and requested provisions? What was their attitude to the King’s brothers and sisters?

How was Jesus treated on Earth? (Think about what’s soon to happen in Matthew 26-27, and also Matthew 8:20). What’s similar about the way Jesus was treated compared to how the people on the left treated the brothers and sisters?


Do I think of other Christians as my brothers and sisters? When am I likely to distance myself from them? How does my attitude towards them reflect my attitude towards Jesus?

Who are my Christian brothers and sisters in need? Have I been loving them?


Thank God for the brothers and sisters in Christ he’s given you.

Pray that you would love them as Jesus wants you to love them.

Providence City