Matthew Week 5: Day 1

Pray and read

Ask God for wisdom and understanding, and that by his Spirit you would grow in love for him and his people.

Read this week’s passage: Matthew 25:31-46. 


Who are the main people in the passage? What’s the relationship between the Son of Man, the shepherd, the King, and the Father? What are each of their roles?

Who is being gathered together, and how are they divided?

What have the people on the left and right done? What will they receive? What’s their response to the King?

Do the actions of people on the right earn them a place in the kingdom? Or identify them as belonging to the kingdom? How does “inheritance” and the rest of v34 help you think about this?


Do you feel ready for Judgement Day? If not, what would it take for you to be confident about your standing before King Jesus?

Does your attitude reflect your belief that you earned your place in his kingdom, or that you’ll receive his kingdom because of God’s blessing?


Thank God for his blessing, and for his promise of the kingdom he has prepared for you before the creation of the world.

Ask him for clarity and confidence in your relationship with Jesus, so that you don’t fear Judgement Day.

Providence City