Matthew Week 3: Day 2

Pray and read

Ask God to be at work by his Spirit as you read his word that you might grow in love, loyalty and likeness to the Lord Jesus. Read Matthew 22:1-14.


Not long before the parable Jesus tells in chapter 25 he told another parable about a wedding feast.

What are the similarities between the two parables (Matthew 25:1-13 and Matthew 22:1-14)? What is different?

There are two groups of guests at this wedding feast; those who have been invited, and those gathered from the street corners. Who does each group of guests represent? Which group do you fit in?

What warnings does this parable give? To the invited guest? To the gathered? What do they have in common with the warning of the parable in chapter 25?


For those of us who are Gentile believers, we are like those gathered from the street corners and invited to the wedding feast.

What will it look like to be appropriately dressed for the wedding banquet? What habits might you pursue to help you build a life of godliness? 


Thank God for including us into his plans for salvation.

Ask God to make you like his Son, giving you a soft heart and willing hands.

Amy Stopher