Matthew Week 3: Day 1

Pray and read

Ask God to be at work by his Spirit as you read his word that you might grow in love, loyalty and likeness to the Lord Jesus. Read Matthew 25:1-13.


Following his warning about the events to come in chapter 24, Jesus tells his disciples three parables about the coming of the Son of Man. This is the first of those parables.

Who are the characters in this parable? Who does each character represent?

What action distinguishes the foolish young women from the wise? What is the result of their foolishness?

What is the warning this parable gives? How does it fit with Jesus’ words just prior to this parable (Matthew 24:36-51)?


While many of the events Jesus talks about in chapter 24 may have already taken place, we still  live in an age in which we’re waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus.

What might it look like to wait like the wise young women? What about the foolish?

What habits might you pursue to help you wait wisely? How might you encourage your Christian sisters and brothers in waiting wisely also?


Thank God for the certainty of the Lord Jesus’ return, and the salvation he will bring on that day.

Ask God to hold fast to you, helping you to wait with eager expectation for the Lord Jesus’ appearing.

Amy Stopher