Advent 6

In Micah, we read that the Messiah would be born in lowly Bethlehem. Notice here how God prompts the hand of kings to fulfil his own good purposes to rescue his people.

Read: Luke 2:1-18


Jesus is born in lowly circumstances despite his cosmic kingship. What does this say about his character? (cf. Philippians 2:1-11)

The news of Jesus’ birth is first announced to shepherds. What does this say about who Jesus came for?


Like the shepherds, we are to come humbly before Christ, as those who’ve heard the good news announced, ready to worship. As we draw nearer to Christmas, how can we share the message of love and hope with our needy world?


As the angels proclaimed, glory to God in the highest! For you are deserving of all praise and honour! Thank you that you are a God who cares for even those who are looked down on in our world. Thank you that Jesus came for the needy. Give me a a faith and excitement like the shepherds, who run to Jesus in worship and proclaim the good news of salvation to our desperate world. Give me boldness and love to share the hope I have in Christ with those who need it. In the name of my saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.


Providence City