Advent 5

At the time of Jesus’ birth, Israel were in exile under Roman oppression. They were fractured and demoralised, longing for the promised Messiah. It’s into this context the angel Gabriel appears to Mary, a virgin from the backwater town of Nazareth. Consider again the power and plan of God to use the weak and unexpected things of this world to achieve his good purposes.

Read: Luke 1:26-38


What does this passage tell us about who Jesus is? (cf. Isaiah 9:2-7)

What does this mean for Israel?


Reflecting on your own life, how has God been faithful to you?


Heavenly Father, thank you that you keep your promises. Thank you that you were faithful to your people, and delivered the promised saviour, Jesus. I praise you for your faithfulness to me in my life. Keep me from my unbelief, and give me a steadfast faith in you. Amen.

Providence City