Advent 4


Throughout their history, Israel constantly rebelled and turned their backs on God. Again

and again God sent his prophets to warn them and set them back on the path of salvation

and joy, found in him alone. Micah warns Israel of God’s judgment upon them in the form of

Assyria invading from the north, who will eventually take Israel into exile. In Micah 5 though,

we see God’s grace revealed yet again, as he promises future salvation for Israel. God is

patient with Israel in her sin, as he is with us in our sin.

Read: Micah 5


What things does God promise?

What will the Messiah, the son, do for Israel?


How does Jesus shepherd us? (cf. John 10:11-18)


Father, each day I fail to love you as I should. I continue to sin in more ways than I know,

and I ask again for your forgiveness. Don’t turn your face away from me in your anger, but

have mercy on me in your grace, for you are the good shepherd who lays his life down for

his sheep. Shepherd me, lead me and guide me to your green pastures and grant me

refreshment in you. Continue to give me eyes for Jesus alone. For your name’s sake,


Providence City