Advent 3


Isaiah prophesies God’s deliverance of Israel. Take note of how God defeats warriors and

nations. This is the ultimate example of God’s sovereignty in using the weak things of this

world to defeat and shame the strong.

Read: Isaiah 9:2-7


What picture does Isaiah paint of Israel’s circumstance?

How does God promise to deliver Israel?


How are we like Israel? What assurances do we have in the promised child? (cf. John 3:16-18)


Loving God and mighty Deliverer, you are worthy of all praise. Praise you for your

sovereignty and praise you for working through your Son to rescue a people whose hearts

were hard against you. Thank you for the gift of Jesus and the salvation you’ve granted me

in him. Give me an ever increasing horror of my sin, and an ever growing desire and

knowledge of your love and grace shown in Jesus. Amen.

Providence City