Advent 1

There are devotional readings for the season of Advent. If you would like to read more, consider also reading Luke 1-2 over the three weeks of advent.


Pray for the Lord to be at work in you by his Spirit, growing you in understanding, faith and love.


Psalm 96 is a psalm of praise that focusses on the kingship of God. As you read, consider what aspects of God’s character are proclaimed.

Read: Psalm 96


Why are God’s people called to worship him?

What are the different ways the psalmist calls God’s people to worship him?


What does it look like for you to worship God throughout today?


My Lord and God, in your majesty and holiness you are worthy of all praise. Thank you that

you are a righteous God and a faithful God and thank you that you are a just judge. Forgive

me for the times I have failed to honour you as I should. Give me a repentant heart and

continue to show me your grace and mercy in Jesus. Help me to worship you today, that I

may give you all honour and glory in thought, word and deed. And speed the coming of your

son Jesus Christ, that he may make all things new. Amen.

Providence City