Romans Week 7: Day 2


Read Romans 15:14 - 24 and then re-read 15:18 -24


What is the power behind Paul’s ministry?  (v18-19)

What is Paul’s modus operandiand hope for his ministry?  (v20 – 21) 

How would you describe Paul’s feeling towards the Roman Christians?  (v22 – 24) 


In verse 19 Paul makes special mention of the signs and wonders that accompanied his ministry.  While spectacular, these can often distract people from the Gospel’s core message of sin, repentance and salvation.  So how are we to view signs and wonders?  

Read 2 Corinthians 12:11 – 12

Paul describes them as ‘the marks of a true apostle’. An apostle is simply a messenger but the apostles of Jesus, those who bore first hand witness to his ministry, also had unique role in taking the gospel to Israel and beyond.  This means that the signs and wonders that we read about in the New Testament are peculiar to their work and ministry.  This does not mean that miracles do not happen today but we should not expect or demand them.  

The miracle that we, hopefully, regularly witness is the changed life of the unbeliever to the believer. This miraculous change was ultimately what the signs and wonders were pointing to and it is to this end that we should be praying.    


  • Thank God that his Holy Spirit can miraculously change lives

  • Commit a specific person to God, asking him to change their hearts and bring them into relationship with him.

  • Ask God for help in being diligent in praying for this person.  

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