Romans Week 7: Day 1

Romans 15:8 – 13 is Paul providing biblical evidence for Christ being the hope of both Jew and Gentile.  In the first of this week’s passages, Paul talks about what motivates, characterises and empowers his unique ministry to the Gentiles


Read Romans 15:14 – 24 and then re-read 15:14 – 17.    


How is it that Paul is a minister to the Gentiles? (v15)

How does Paul describe his ministry?  (v16)

How does Paul describe his response to his ‘service to God’? (v17)  


Paul describes his ministry as a ‘priestly service’. The role of the Levitical priest in the Jewish temple was to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people and to represent them before God.  The priest was to make certain the sacrifice was worthy of the Lord.   So what exactly does Paul mean when he describes his ministry in this way?  

Read Isaiah 66:20

Paul would no doubt see himself fulfilling this prophecy by bringing all the nations 

‘as an offering to the Lord’ as a response to what Christ has done in him.  Indeed, it is the same for all those that get the pleasure of leading people to Christ; they offer their converts to God in ‘priestly service’ as an act of worship. 

How do you view your own evangelistic efforts? 


  • Thank God for your own conversion and for the people that faithfully spoke the Gospel into your life

  • Pray for the people in your lives that are yet to call Jesus savior and king  

  • Ask God to help faithfully and clearly speak the Gospel into people’s lives. 

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