Romans Week 6: Day 1

Pray and read

Praise God for revealing himself by his word, and ask him to help you hear and respond to it with repentance and faith by his Spirit at work in you. Read Romans 14:1–15:13. 


We’ll be considering this passage in more detail throughout the week. The purpose for today is to get a sense of the big picture of the passage.

What seems to be the presenting issue in the Roman church?

Why does Paul consider it a problem?

What reasons does Paul give them for behaving differently?


In what contexts might you choose not to exercise your freedom in Christ for the sake of others?

In what contexts might you be tempted to judge others who exercise freedoms you choose not to? 


Praise God that we are acceptable to God in Christ.

Ask God to help us love one another sacrificially; that we’d consider others before ourselves.

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