Romans Week 5: Day 3

Pray and Read

Ask God for a humble and teachable heart to submit to his Word, and wisdom to understand his ways and purposes.

Read 1 Corinthians 13.


This passage gives more insight into what it looks like for Christians to love one another.

How is Paul’s description of love for others different to how our culture teaches us to love one another?

If this is the love that God wants us to have for one another, what does this mean for how he loves us?


Are there people you have refused or struggled to love with this type of love? What do you need to repent of, and change?

Have you been encouraged by a Christian’s love for others? What impact did their love have?

How can we cultivate this kind of love at Providence?


Thank God for bringing us into a church family to love and serve.

Ask God for help to love our church family well, as well as the other people in your life.

Ask God that our church community would be a place where we would experience God’s love to us as we love one another.

Providence City