Romans Week 5: Day 2

Pray and Read

Ask God for a humble and teachable heart to submit to his Word, and wisdom to understand his ways and purposes.

Read Romans 13:8-10


What does it mean that “love is the fulfilment of the law?”

Why do we have a continuing debt to love one another? Why is loving one another so important to God?

Why is loving one another part of our worship to God?


Is your attitude towards loving others about law-keeping or worship to God? Why does it matter?

If we have a “continuing debt” to love one another, are we ever finished? Is this a burden or a joy to you? How can we joyfully persevere in loving others?


Thank God for his love to us demonstrated in Jesus.

Ask God for his Spirit to work in us so that we would love one another, and that he would grow us in our love for others.

Ask God to help us love others as part of our worship of him.

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