Matthew Week 1: Day 3

Pray and Read:

Pray that God will use his word to shape your mind, affect your heart and change your actions.  Read Matthew 23:5–12


What problems does Jesus have with the way the Pharisees lead and practice their faith?

How does Jesus call his disciples to lead and practice the faith he is calling them to? 

How would you describe the contents of verse 12? Who is it aimed at? 


In these verses, Jesus rails against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who seem more concerned with human approval than the glory of God.   Jesus calls his followers to a different way of thinking and leading, one that isn’t self promoting but God glorifying.  This paradigm of the exalted servant can be found throughout the entire bible.  Passages like Isaiah 53 show how God will bring about his people’s salvation, while Philippians 2 applies this model to how we are supposed to live and treat each other, 

We also know from Philippians 2 that Jesus exemplified this model. 

Can you think of opportunities to apply this model to your work place or personal ministry? 


Thank God for Jesus who humbly gave himself to serve us

Ask for God’s help in seeking his approval and not from the world  

Ask for God’s help in living out the model of ministry that Jesus modelled so perfectly 

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