Matthew Week 1: Day 1

Happy new year and welcome to the first 2018 weekly devotion!  The first series of 2018 sees us picking up the book of Matthew and continuing where we left a previous series at the end of chapter 22.  Can I encourage you to take some time to read through chapters 21 and 22 to get some context before you begin a closer study of chapter 23. 


Pray and Read: 

Pray that God will use his word to shape your mind, affect your heart and change your actions.  Read Matthew 23 twice.  


On a piece of paper, make some notes about:

·      Repeated words

·      Repeated themes

·      Words and concepts you don’t understand or questions you have about the passage

·      What you think this passage says about God the father/Jesus

·      Why you think this passage matters to God’s people in 2018

·      How this passage might cause you to live and pray in response


Thank God for his word and the way that he uses it to rebuke and encourage his people

Pray that the picture of Jesus portrayed in this passage will cause you to devote more of your life to him

Providence City