Romans Week 8: Day 4

Read Romans 4 focusing on verses 17b-25, Genesis 15


In Genesis 15, what did God promise Abraham with regards to his descendants? Why would it have been hard for Abraham to trust God’s promise to him?

Was there anything Abraham could do to fulfill God’s promise? What was the one thing he had to do?

Read Romans 4:17 and compare with verses 24-25. What does Abraham’s faith in God share with our faith in God?

In verses 24 and 25 Paul aligns our faith in God’s work in the death and resurrection of Jesus with Abraham’s faith in God’s promise of future descendants. In the same way Abraham trusted God’s declaration of righteousness and ability to bring life from death, we must trust God as justifier and provider of eternal life.  


Read Genesis 16

Verses 21 and 22 speak of Abraham’s great faith at the time of God giving his promise but we also see Abraham’s human, sinful side in chapter 16.  

Are you ever tempted to take matters into your own hands like Abraham?  

What does it say about God that he still kept his promise to Abraham?    


Thank God for his grace to us even when we forget his promises and try to take matters into our own hands

For faith that will not waver in light of the hope that we have, and the God that saves us.

Providence City