Romans Week 8: Day 3

Read: Romans 4 focusing on verses 13-17a


What does it mean for Abraham to be the heir of the world?

How did Abraham receive this promise? 

Read Galatians 3:5-9

How are all believers made children of Abraham? 

What is the consequence of being an heir through the law? What are the consequences? 

In chapters 1 and 2 Paul has shown that being declared righteous by living as an ‘heir of the law’ is impossible. In chapter 4 Paul shows declared righteous through our faith in Christ and therefore become part of Abraham’s ‘offspring’.  


The Jewish faith explicitly teaches that following the Mosaic law will make you right before God.  However, Christians can also fall into the trap of providing teaching that says the same thing.  Can you think of any examples?  What’s the best way of avoiding this?  

Why should we depend on faith instead?


That more and more people from every nation would become children of Abraham through faith in what God has done through Jesus.

That we would avoid subtly depending on the law and our good deeds, but instead would only trust God’s promises.

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