Romans Week 8: Day 2

The issue and role of circumcision is once again raised by Paul.  Abraham and David were credited righteous by God and they were both circumcised. Does this mean the blessing is for the circumcised only?    

Read: Romans 4 focusing on verses 9-12, Genesis 17


Why does it matter if Abraham was circumcised before or after God gave him his promise?  

What was the purpose of circumcision for Abraham?

If Abraham was made righteous before circumcision, does that mean all God’s people must take this step?  

God’s gracious justification precedes both circumcision and the law. This means that right standing before God is in no way linked to circumcision. Circumcision is simply an outward sign pointing back to God’s justification of Abraham.  

Paul is trying to make it clear that circumcision is an outward sign of an inward change.   

Take time to reflect: 

Is there an outward trait or activity that you ‘boast in’, hoping to gain God’s approval? 

What are the outward signs (i.e. works) of an inward change (i.e. being justified by God through faith in Christ Jesus) in your life?  


Thank God that it is faith, and not our outward acts or appearances that save us.

Thank God for the faithful Christians before us, who have pointed us to a living hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Providence City