Romans Week 8: Day 1

The end of chapter 3 sees Paul giving his solution to the problem of both Jew and Gentile being condemned before God: 

‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus’ (Rom 3:23-24). 

In chapter 4, Paul continues to unpack the theme of justification by faith, this time providing a biblical theology. Paul cites the story of Abraham and the writings of David as evidence of a biblical precedent.  

Read: Romans 4 focusing on verses 1-8


What brought righteousness to Abraham? Is that the answer you expected?

What do verses 4-5 have to say about ‘wages’ and ‘gifts’? 

How does Paul argue for justification by faith? 

Read: Psalm 32

How does the beginning of this Psalm speak into Paul’s case for justification by faith?

What is David’s solution to the guilt of his sins?  (see verse 5)  

Abraham and David are monumental figures in the history of Israel. Abraham is the ‘father’ of the Jews and David was the great king who brought peace and unity to Israel.  What is crucial in the context of Romans is that the substantial ‘works’ of Abraham and David were still enough to justify them in God’s sight.  Rather, their right standing before God was an act of God’s grace and was irrespective of anything they had done.  


What is the significance of justification by faith being found in the Old Testament?  

How does that counter a ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’ God?  


Thank God that he has made his grace freely available to all throughout history

Thank God that he is a consistent and righteous judge and that he has, and will always have, a plan for his people.  

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