Romans Week 9: Day 4

Read Romans 5:1-11, focusing on verses 9-11.


·      In these verses, what is Paul saying has happened, and what is he saying will happen?

·      What does Paul think gives Christians such confidence that they will be saved from God’s wrath on the final day? What logic does he use?    


Not only are we justified by Christ’s work on the cross, we are also reconciled. Legally we are cleared of our debt before God and relationally we are restored to him.

·      It’s easy to feel distant from the reality of our future hope. How does knowing you are saved, and will be saved, impact on concerns and worries you have about your work life? Your family? Following Jesus faithfully in our culture?


·      Praise God for the faithfulness and love that he has demonstrated in the past, and therefore the confidence we have that he will finish the work of saving us

·      Ask that such a confidence would spur you on to see present circumstances from an eternal perspective. Pray for the strength to be faithful to God in present difficulties.


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