Romans Week 9: Day 3

Read Romans 5:1-11, focusing on verses 5-8.


·      How can we be certain of God’s love for us? How does the cross prove God’s love?

·      How is God’s love radically different from the ways that humans tend to love?

·      What role here does the Holy Spirit have in the lives of the justified?  


·      Are there circumstances in your life at the moment that are causing you to question God’s love for you? What comfort can you find in these verses?

·      Reflect on whether you feel the need to earn God’s love and win his favour, or whether you experience God’s love as unconditional, generous and gracious. How would these alternatives impact on your experience of the Christian life?


·      Praise God that he has demonstrated his great love for us in the work of the cross 

·      Pray that the Holy Spirit would be at work in you, causing you to deeply know the secure and abundant love of God


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