Romans Week 9: Day 2

Read Romans 5:1-11, focusing on verses 3-4


·      What hope do Christians have in the midst of suffering? What kind of suffering do you think Paul is referring to here?

Read John 16:31-33.

·      In what ways does Jesus warn his disciples to expect suffering?

Christians don’t find pleasure suffering itself, but how God can work is us through the experiences of suffering. 

·      How does the experience of suffering transform us? Why do you think suffering is a necessary condition to learn perseverance?


Under the conditions of suffering, our faith is tested and matured, as we learn to persevere.    

·      Reflect on a time in your life when your trust in the Lord was tested. How did that experience impact on your faith?

·      What difference would it make in your life to view suffering and hardship as an opportunity for to grow in maturity and character?


·      Praise God that suffering does not have to be pointless, but that God uses it to grow and mature his people. Pray that you would know this truth

·      Pray that the community of believers in Perth would persevere in the midst of opposition and pressure, and grow in maturity and hope as a result 

Providence City