Romans Week 9: Day 1

Read Romans 5:1-11, focusing on verses 1-2


Paul’s opening words “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith…” set up the rest of the paragraph as Paul explains the blessings that flow this new found status.

·      In verses 1-2, what have we already received as a result of justification?

·      What is the basis of our peace with God?

·      What kind of access does justification win for us?


The peace that we have with God is not just the absence of conflict, but the concept of shalom (read Numbers 6:24-26). This peace is not subjective (dependent on how we feel) but an objective reality.

·      In what circumstances are you tempted to feel in conflict with God? How can these verses assure us in such times?

-       What difference does it make to know that this peace is a positive blessing of the Lord’s face shining towards us, not just an absence of conflict with God?

·      Are you taking advantage of the access you have to God in your prayer life?


·      Pray that you would know the certainty of the peace with God that Christ has won for you

·      Praise God that you have access to him in Christ. Ask God to help you continually take advantage of that blessing through prayer

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