Romans Week 4: Day 2

Is God just? It is a question that has generated much debate and discussion in our culture. In this context, Paul asks the question to challenge the believer who my may rely on heritage and ancestry to ensure their righteousness before God.    


Read: Romans 2:1-16 focusing on verses 5-11



Reflect on the two types of people depicted in this passage: good and evil. Where would you place yourself?

What would be the problem if God judged unfairly? What would that say about his character?

What is the reward for those who persist in doing good?


Paul does not disregard the blessing of belonging to the nation of Israel. After all, it was to the Jewish people whom God chose to initially reveal himself.  But both Jew and Gentile will be judged in the same way (v.8) and will experience the same blessing (v.10).   


Read: Matthew 7:15-20


What does Jesus say about people in this parable?


This parable may be initially confusing.  Is Jesus preaching a works-based gospel? If you think about the analogy that Jesus uses, a tree can only bear good fruit if the tree is healthy on the inside; a rotten core will produce rotten fruit.  So it is with humanity.  A life transformed by faith in Christ Jesus will bear the fruits of a life shaped by God’s Spirit. Ephesians 2:10 tells us “we are God’s handiwork, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”.  



Reflect on how God has worked in you over the last five years. 

Are there areas you’d like to bear more fruit in? 



That our lives would reflect the saving work that has been done us in us. 

That God would help you value what is good and that you would only seek the glory, honour and immortality that is given through faith in Jesus.

Thank God for his righteous judgement which will be fully revealed on the final day.

Providence City