Romans Week 4: Day 1

Paul, having described the human condition so succinctly in Gentile (non-Jewish) terms, now directly confronts those who may rely on their heritage on the day of God’s judgment and judge others accordingly.  For Paul, sin is sin, whether you do it ‘under the law’ or ‘apart from the law’.  Neither Jew nor Gentile can escape God judging ‘people’s secrets’.    


Read: Romans 2:1-16 focusing on verses 1-4



What is the problem with condemning other people for their sinful behavior?

What does a hypocritical lifestyle say about our attitude towards God’s mercy? Why is this incompatible with what we know about the Gospel?


God’s grace can be misapplied in two ways:

 1. We judge the sins of others to soothe our own consciences and thereby reject the grace given to all who trust in the Lord Jesus.

 2. We see God’s grace as cheap and have a low view of our sin and the need for repentance.


Read: Matthew 7:1-5


Reflect on what Jesus says in this passage. What is the principle of this parable?



What sins do we fail to see in ourselves?

We can treat sins as unforgiveable even when God has saved us in his kindness. Who have we written off as a sinner too far gone? How can we gently lead family and friends we love towards repentance?



That God would expose our own hypocrisy and lead us to real repentance and transformation in Jesus.

Thank God for his kindness, forbearance and patience to a sinful people.

Providence City