Romans Week 7: Day 3

Read: Romans 3:21-31 focusing on vv. 27-28



Why is boasting in one’s own works excluded?


Read Ephesians 2:8-10


A person is saved by faith but how should their life change after becoming a follower of Christ?

If we are justified and saved by faith, why are good works still part of the Christian life?




In our world, with social media and the internet, it has become easy to boast in the things we do. Have there been times when you have been tempted to boast in things you have done?

How does being saved by faith free us up to do good works?



Thank God that you do not have to achieve your own salvation but rather it has been given to you.

Pray that God would give you the humility to not boast in the things you do but instead boast in what he has done for his people.

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