Romans Week 7: Day 2

Read: Romans 3:21-31 focusing on vv. 25-26


Read Leviticus 16:11-17,34


What was the purpose of the sacrifice of atonement in Leviticus?

  • Did it achieve its purpose?


Read Hebrews 10:1-4,11-14


How is Jesus’ sacrifice different to the sacrifice of atonement performed by the Israel’s high priest?



To be justified before God means we are judged by God to be in the right. We do not receive this judgement through our own works but because Jesus, the one perfect man, took on our punishment and thereby became the one perfect, atoning sacrifice. 

How does knowing you have been justified change your life?



Thank God for providing a once for all time sacrifice that justifies you before God.

Pray that your life might reflect God’s great love and grace to the people around you.

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