Romans Week 7: Day 1

Read: Romans 3:21-31 focusing on vv. 21-24


Righteousness is not a way we act nor is it something we earn. Rather, it is a gift that from God, which becomes part of who we are.

In what way is Paul saying there is no difference between Jew and Gentile?

Is it possible for a Jew or Gentile to meet God’s standard? (Read Romans 1:23 and 2:23)

How are people justified even though they aren’t perfect?



How do you think about righteousness?

  • Is it something you are given or is it something you have to earn?
  • How do you become righteous?

We can’t be made righteous within ourselves because our sinful heart leads us to worship things other than God (Romans 1:23). What things are you in danger of worshipping?


Thank God for his great saving act in sending Jesus, and for his gift of righteousness.

Pray that God would turn your heart towards him and that he would give you the strength to resist the pull of worldly things that replace him.


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